Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7/20/2016 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi&PO4@AD, Aukai,U/F / Kainoa&Kala@Rabbit Island, Luana@Hidden Beach, Ka'ena@Ka'ena Point, Ka'ale@Mokuleia

On Marilyn’s 0530 check Kaiwi&PO4 appeared happy and well (D#35). It was too early for shots. Marilyn is doing the late shift also so maybe she will get something. I’ve gotten no further word from anyone else concerning the Kaiwi pup site today.

 Though I would get to Makai Pier at 0825, it would be 1057 before I found my first critter. On a pan I found just a sliver of the ventral and right sides , mostly hidden behind the water front rocks of Rocky Right Beach. The animal would later move to the rubble beach and the Aukai (RL12) was possible.

 At 1126 on a pan I became aware of a partially visible animal behind the water front rocks of Right Middle Cliff. The animal would galumph down to 2BS, and then swim to 1BS were it hauled out. This was female, possible sub-adult size, with two red tags, and molting (approximately 5 %). I may have seen a left shoulder N50 bleach, making it Nani, but I’m not sure about that at all. The timing of the molt could be Nani, and Sadie doing her post weaning molt is another possibility, but for today I’m going with U/F. Maybe tomorrow ???? 

At 1229 Ka’inoa (RN04) hauled out to Seal Rock Inlet.

 On a pan at 1312 I found Kala (RH76) on the left end rock flats at RI.

 Tammy T., checked in from Mokuleia at 0630 or so, advising that she saw neither Nihoa nor Ka’ale. There was a rumor that Nihoa had weaned the pup on the 18th but then returned on the 19th , only to departed again t 1640. I’ve gotten no HMMA confirmation on any of that.  Tammy checked the site again after her Ka’ena Point trek, and at 1131 reported Ka’ale on is own at the site.

 On Tammy’s KP trek she reported Luana (RN58) at Hidden Beach, and Ka’ena (RO40) at the Runway, Ka’ena Point.

 UF molting... ( maybe Nani... maybe Sadie...) 
 Chubby weaner!
 Ka'ena at Ka'ena Point
 Luana at Hidden Beach

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