Tuesday, July 19, 2016

HMMA Update from July 18th

At 0850 a report came in about a seal hauled out at Kaimana Beach. Steve found an UF. Colleen responded later in the day and was able to get a positive. She ID'ed Rocky (RH58). At 1326 Steve checked back in with a report of Benny (RE74) hauling out at Kaimana Beach. ID was made by tag (E40). At 1429 a report came in about a seal hauled out on the east side of Sandy Beach. No further word on and ID at this time. Don checked in at 1900 with a report of 3 seals. Luana (RN58) was hauled out at Secret Beach. ID was made by tag. RL42 was hauled out at Kaena Point on the Waianae side. ID was made by tag. Kaena (RO40) was also hauled out at Kaena Point. ID was made by his N9 bleach.

 Beverly checked in via email with a few updates after her shift at the Mokuleia pup site. A few campers were present when Beverly first arrived, they left shortly after the rain stopped. No disturbance was observed. Nihoa (R912) and Ka'ale (PO3) spent most of morning on beach. Ka'ale nursed for about 15 minutes. Nihoa went in water by herself, later came back on beach, then Nihoa and Ka'ale went in water together, and remained there at noon.


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