Thursday, July 21, 2016

HMMA Update from July 20th

The morning began with a report of a large and small seal off Crozier Dr. in Mokuleia. Caller believed it was a mom and pup. Don responded and found Ipo (RI37) and an unknown male with no tags or scars. At 0857 Jennifer checked in from Turtle Bay with RT10 and PO5. Mom was alert due to a fisherman down the beach but she settled and nursed pup. Mom and pup are doing well. At 1219 a report came in about a seal at Hidden Beach at Kaena Point. No ID could be made.

Barbara check in from the Alan Davis pup site. Kaiwi (RK96) and pup hauled out at 1420 after swim. The pup tried to nurse, but Kaiwi appeared worn out. Mom and pup exchanged some barking. The pup finally settled down and both napped off and on until end of the shift.
 RI37 and unknown male 

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the U/M in the company of RI37 at Crozier Dr. on the 20th. Based on the visible right side, mid body scar I'd say this is Squinty (R330). You're welcome. DB