Thursday, March 31, 2011

Honolulu Film Award

Dog That Runs in Rough Water - Best Environmental Film
Directed By: Mary Piller
The critically-endangered Hawaiian monk seal, is the most endangered pinniped in U.S. waters and the Official State Mammal of Hawaii, with rare and exclusive footage of a week-old female monk seal pup named Kai swimming and playing (with trash!). An ancient species, there are only about 1,100 of them left. This is not just a case of 'natural selection' when you consider the factors that have severely impacted their numbers - war, marine debris, overfishing and global warming.

Here's the trailer to the documentary - features Dr. Francis from the Marine Mammal Center

Congratulations Mary!!!

3-31-11 DB Dailies

At 0644 I found RIP (RR70) snoozin' in the Morning Glory at Seal Rock Inlet on Rabbit Island.  When I got back to Makai Pier at 1021 I found Duke (RA12) and Kolohe (RW22) together behind the water front rocks at mid Middle Cliff on RI.

I did a midday "Irma Quest" check (zero) and when I got back to the Pier at 1500 I found two news members to the RI cast. There was an U/M with 2 red tags, at 3BS, and and U/U at Seal Rock Inlet. I
remained until 1700, but was never able to get a good enough look at the newcomers to get an ID. (I hate it when that happens!)

Team Billand had another action packed day. At 0946, in response to a Dera call, found T15M at Yokes.  At 1225 they reported Kermit (R4DH) at Wind Sock.  At 1257 they found Makaiwi (R4DF) fronting #1705 at Nimitz Cottages. Again in response to a Dera call they found Rocky (RH58) at Iroquois Point. At 1602 the Billands found R018 (R6FA) and Max (R5EW) together at Palm Grove, Campbell Industrial Park.

Dana checked in at 1110 to report that Todd White had confirmed R5AY at Chuns , on the North Shore.
At 1812 Dana called again with the report of RI37 at Rocky Point, also on the North Shore.  In the "yesterday's news" department, Dana forwarded shots from Paul Nelson, confirming KC (RK28) at Mokuleia yesterday.

Unidentified Unknown - a thorn in DB's side. 
 KC @ Mokuleia
 T15 aka Sharkbite @ Yokes
 Rocky @ Iroquois

3-31-11 Team Billand's Gang Splits Up

Kermit @ Wind Sock
 Maka'iwi @ Nimitz
 Max with his tag numbers 5EX
 R018 and Max
 R018 @ Campbells

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3-30-11 DB Dailies

At 0655, from Makai Pier I found Duke (RA12) and Kolohe (RW22), on the water front rocks, 60 ft left of Seal Rock Inlet on Rabbit Island. They would enter the water together for a swim/play session at 0705. When I got back to MP at 0820 I could see them still playing off shore of 2BS. At 0919, Duke would haul out 80 ft left of SRI. At 0924, RIP (RR70) would haul out to join him. There was only minimal interaction. On a pan at 0932 I found Kolohe in Seal Rock Inlet. All 3 would remain the rest of the day. 

At 0755 Colleen checked in to advise that Irma (R010) had overnighted at Diamond Head. On Colleen's
1200 check she found that Irma had departed.

Dana called at 0947 to advise that posse member Judy, had reported KC (RK28) in Mokuleia.

In the old news department, Dera sent shots from Bruce Haig of T21M taken on 3-20-11 , in Hauula. I've checked the records since I met him in 2005. Not only is this his first visit to Hauula, it's also the only time he has ever been seen on the upper eastside.

I had spoken with Barbara a few times through the day , and it was beginning to look like the Billands were on their way to one of those rare "skunked " days. That is until 1530. Barbara called to advise that they were with Max(R5EW), Kermit (R4DG), R018 (R6FA), M&M (R020), and Makaiwi (R4DF) at Palm Grove, Campbell Industrial Park ! Another gang of 5 day for Team Billand !!!

T21M @ Hauula taken on 3/20/11  
 Irma @ Diamond Head
 Kermit and M+M
 Kermit 4DH
 I think these guys realize how much Rob and Barb travel so they decided to hang out in one spot to save some gas money.  How amazing is this they are all together AGAIN!
 Kermit, M+M, R018 and Max
 Maka'iwi  (she's whistling to Max hey kid lay back like this)
 like this?  okay got it.  this is tooooo cute
 R018 6FA

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3-29-11 DB Dailies

Stacey Stella called at 0549 to advise that she had checked 2E in Waikiki, on her way to work, and that Irma (R010) had overnighted. When I arrived at 0610 I found Irma still within the signs. I did some repositioning and redid the rope. Irma was kind enough to depart, of her own volition, at 0753. Dera reported that she had gotten a call from HPD last night reporting that they had dealt with somebody who was thinking the Irma needed to be rolled to the water. I'm sure Irma told him "I don't tink so pal". She was still there this morning so I couldn't have been too tramatic an experience for her.

When I got Makai Pier at 1000 I found Kolohe (RW22), and Duke (RA12) on Rabbit Island. They would remain all day.

At 0833 Team Billand found Noa (R6FI) and Pohaku (RO28) fighting over an eel in the water at Maili Pt. Pohaku would haul out at 0854. Noa did not. On a recheck at 1414 they found that Noa was on the rocks at a separate location from Pohaku.

At 0940 they found 2AW at Tracks.  They found M&M and Makaiwi together at Palm Grove, Campbell Industrial Park. At 1053 they found Max (R5EW) down the beach a bit at Feedlots, Campbell Industrial Park.  At 1457 they reported that R018 had just hauled out to join M&M and Makaiwi at CIP.

Dera called at 0949 to report that Jeannie Martinson had confirmed RSF at Rocky Point , on the North Shore.

Dera called at 1651 to advise that Colleen was responding to an animal near the base of the path at Diamond Head. Colleen called at 1733 to report that it was Irma. This was the 2nd day that Irma has hauled out after 1600, and new wrinkle for her.

Irma @ Waikiki with some early risers 
 Irma departing Waikiki
 Irma @ Diamond Head with Aunty Colleen
 2AW @ Tracks
 Little Max @ Campbells