Wednesday, June 25, 2014

News for Kauai Monk Seal Nursery

Aloha good people!
Our good friend Val Bloy sent us some great shots of the Kauai pups.... We have a weaner, soon to be weaner and a chubbette. 

Enjoy these great set of pics... and thank you Val for sharing.

Weaner PK1 
 Pretty healthy bugger
 RW02 hanging out in cruise mode
 hanging out with momma RO28
 wide load shot... oops i mean wide angle shot :-)
 Pohaku RO28 and her chunky monkey pk2
 Pohaku on the move
 K30 and her pup 4 weeks old.... this momma has been through so much... again another indication this species has an amazing ability to survive the odds.

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