Sunday, June 22, 2014

6-21-2014 Team Billand's Wild Ride

 Haupu at Makaha
bad kitty... bad bad kitty.... poor birdie 
Benny in all his glory at Makaha surfing beach
 apparently someone had yelled at Benny which made him leave the beach.... and I guess all that stress
 made him hungary 
 MM at white plains.... there were footballs
 surfers... looks like the life guard was telling them to back off
 and children without there parents near a 500 pound wild animal
 no rest for the weary
 looks like a couple of divers had quite a day
 hope they're going to eat all that... would be a shame if it was just for sport and not for food
 little Olivia guardian
little Olivia sleepy sweetpea 

1 comment:

barbara said...

Deb, thanks for your check on Benny and for sticking it out with Haupu at Lahilahi, inspite of things going on out there.

To Rob and Olivia, Thanks for being the troopers you are...god bless...for all the hours with the seals.

To BENNY, sorry you got scared off...

To M and M sorry for all the idiots who cant stay behind the signs and ropes...we tried so hard to keep your space safe. Not easy with so many screaming kids and adults walking passed you.

To Haupu, glad you got some rest, even if someone tossed you some fish to snack on. Good girl, for not accepting the fish. Good luck where ever you may!!!!

TO THE HUMANS: YOU SUCK...shame on you all for not respecting the Hawaiian Monk Seals that come a shore. Cant ya share the beach?????