Saturday, June 14, 2014

6/14/2014 - Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

Today Marilyn and I did the KPt hike and monitoring. We were also on the look out to find little RN58 "Luana" that still hadn't been seen since her release.
We first stopped at Camp Erdman to check if the U/U seal I saw yesterday was still around and all we found were two big wallows.
We then checked Birth Beach but it was exactly like Kimo & I saw it last night. With no trails on it.

RO40 "Ka'ena" was the first seal we saw at the point. He was hauled out at the end of the Runway.

From there looking towards the Main Pool we saw 2 visitors taking photos, by their body language we could tell there was a seal there. As we got closer I asked the ladies to move back and there at the entrance side of the Main Pool a little seal was sleeping. Due to the size and light color it could be either RL42 or RN58. While I was talking to the ladies, Marilyn gave me a big smile and said it's her !! RN58 "Luana" !! 

It was her first documented haul out since she was released on THursday. She seemed very comfortable, but not for long. A big seal swam up to her, there was some voicing, he went around her, moved up the rocks around her and settled down. It was RW08 "Kerby"

Next round of the fun had barely started, from then on an endless flow of people started to walk down to the beach. Till a group of ~ 40 people all sizes and ages arrived. Marilyn and I kept looking at each other with "uhoho" expressions on our faces. Needless to say we did LOTs of outreach.

The seals were not disturbed, until the arrival of a third seal to their location. The U/U swam right up to them, "Kerby" and him went at each literally other over little "Luana". It was of short duration but very intense. "Luana" slid down entered the water followed by the other 2. We saw them moving out thru a water run towards the outer side of the pool. All disappeared.

Kimo met up with us aas we were rechecking "Ka'ena" and the other pools. 

Next surprise was as we were approaching Hidden Beach, we first noticed that the beach was empty, then down on the opposite side of the beach we saw our little girl swimming up to shore.
She moved up the very far side of the beach using the waves to help her further and further up. 

She seemed to be very tired and went into sleeping mode very fast. 
Several different groups arrived on the beach and more outreach was done and cards given out.

Unfortunately we came across several people bringing their dogs out to the point today, some on leashes, some not and one even was able to free himself from his collar and went on a crazy run across Hidden Beach, causing a commotion and as soon as the dog was retrieved the family left.  Aloha,  Lesley 

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Glad to see Luana is doing well.