Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014 YESTERDAYS' (Sunday's) News!

This update is from Lesley's visit to Ka'ena Point on Sunday.... it's being posted late .... and I don't have any new news about Luana for Monday... but my guess is if they were out there again today and we have no word of anything, I imagine it was similar day.  

Today was D2 of the search for RN58 "Luana". at Mokuleia/KPt
Kimo Lyman and I were out early this morning to join the NOAA team on the search. All together we were 10 people, 3 field campers went in from the Waianae side and the rest of us from the Mokuleia side. 

We combed the coast from birth beach to the point and back.

In the afternoon RN58 was off shore of birth beach and as she swam by closer Tracy was able to see her N58 bleach. The team was then divided along several different spots till Hidden scouting the ocean.

We waited for several hours but she didn't show up again.

In the late afternoon one of the beach goers with who we had done outreach called the hotline to say she had hauled out @ birth beach. Kimo and I were still in the area so we responded, unfortunately the seal (ID had not been confirmed) had entered the water and left. We decided to sit on the beach till sunset but she didn't show up again.
Out at the point we saw R303 "BG" rolling in her pool, by high tide waves.

RO40 "Ka'ena" was on the outer reefs of the main pool and after being washed several times by big waves he entered the pool, swam around and left. We checked his pool on the way out but he wasn't there. "BG" had also left hers.

Tomorrow we'll be out there again.  

If other volunteers or friends are planning to go out please make sure to bring lots of water, sunscreen and hats. It was very hot today and the afternoon glare from the ocean is very strong.  
Aloha,  Lesley
 R303 BG
 Ka'eana RO40

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