Sunday, June 29, 2014

Team Billand

Aloha Good People !

It's been a couple of days since we heard from Team Billand... and it's my understanding they are taking a much needed break.  I do know I MISS them already.... but I will say this.... I do understand if they are burnt out.... there has been so much going on lately.... and the summer has just begun.

So I am sending personal plea out to any volunteers that have time to help out on the west side.... THERE ARE SEALS OUT THERE.... there are tons of beach goers. (if you read the blog you have an idea of some of the craziness out there).... NOW is the time to step up and help out.... Outreach is critical....  you have to be patient, have a good sense of people, know when to pass along information.

I hope that Barbara and Robert get some rest, I hope people will step up and show some aloha and help out on the west side.

Barbara and Robert if you are reading this .... you are loved and appreciated. No one & nothing will ever change that.

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barbara said...

Some times in life, no matter how much you try, things can get overwhelmingly hard.

We were sun burned, we were tired, facing many obstacles..

Seemed all we were doing, didnt matter any more and we couldnt handle things so we....LEFT.

We needed to be...Happy. We needed to feel RELAXED..So we LEFT.

In doing so, our souls got regenerated, met lots of nice other volunteers doing what we do, PROTECT THE SEALS and EDUCATE.

Some times in just got to let go, find another path, make a difference, make things..BETTER.

BUT in the process of our leaving..gained some much needed rest, saw many new seals in different areas..still being protected in DIFFERENT ways. Saw Pohaku and Rocky with their awesome an environment that was peaceful NOT CROWDED. Although there were people and netters there too, it was more relaxed atmosphere, the area large enough to rest on shore, go hunting for food and existing in PEACE.

Oahu is too crowded..too many humans walk right up to a seal and talk to them, touch them, take photos and post them on YOUTUBE,Flicker, etc. People think they can just PLAY with our seals any way they like. THAT IS SO WRONG.

There arent many Hawaiian Monk Seals Left in the world..and we need to keep protecting them...they need ALL of us. But...we cant do this, unless we get help . We need to work together FOR THE SEALS. Communication is IMPORTANT.

I'm getting too wordy..we left to get PEACE and then come back to continue our MISSION...Period.

I thank DONNA for writing such a nice story...still trying to get others to PROTECT our BELOVED HAWAIIAN MONK SEALS...You Are APPRECIATED TOO.

We did talk about just letting go..but seeing our pups with moms, so lovely, innocent little critters, trying to LIVE...PRICELESS. Seeing Rocky protect her pup when W02 came by many times..JUST INCREDIBLE. we are, back on Oahu...continuing our JOURNEY...TRYING ONCE MORE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR THEM!!