Friday, June 20, 2014

6-19-2014 DB's Dailies

Once again it was a busy little day in the SE quadrant, with multiple sightings of U/Us .

 My day began as it has of late watching Buster (RV08) doing his 5 minute dives a the Blowhole Lookout at 0634. He would try a haul out to the cove on the Sandy Beach side of the Lookout at 0900, but it was too rough and he gave up and moved back outside and began moving toward Sandy Beach. From the BH Lookout I found Buster hauling out to the east end of Sandy Beach at 0918. I relocated to Buster and began cordoning him off.

 Allow me to digress for a moment. At 0733 COSTCO posse member Momi called to say that she was at the east end of SB and she was watching an animal check the shore line. She lost it at the Half Point rocks where it headed outside. I did not see the animal at my BH location, with Buster.

 Now back to the action. As I was doing the cordon RIP (RR70)arrived on the scene and he and Buster had words. RIP moved back to the shallows but did not leave. He and Buster went at it again in the shore break, and this time RIP departed to the west, and Buster followed. After picking up the stuff I relocated to Blowhole again, at 0940, and found Buster once again doing 5 minute dives. I did not see RIP again.

 Jack (at the Bay) called at 1121 to advise that a visitor had reported an animal swimming the shoreline, east to west, at HB. There was no other info. Moments later Jack called again to advise that other visitors had reported having see 2 seals. I’d gotten a call at 0726 with another report from a credible source at HB also saying an animal had swum through. There is no further info.

 At 1245 I found Kaiwi (RK96) snoozin’ in her favorite backyard at China Walls.

 When I got back to Blowhole at 1330 I found that Buster had now hauled out to the small cove on the Sandy Beach side of the Blowhole Lookout. Unfortunately there were people there with him. I managed to get them to move away. Gayle called at 1717 to advise that Buster was gone.

 On two previous checks of Rabbit Island I’d found nobody, however on my 1350 check I found Duke (RA12) and Pua (RF34) together at Left Greenery. They would enter the water at 1424, and haul out again to the Left Flats area at 1434.

 Team Billand called at 0808 with the report of M&M (R020) hauling out fronting Tower#2 at White Plains.

 At 1046 Dana called asking about an ID on a reported “T38" tag. With no such animal known I thought RI37 might be a possibility. Dana said the caller had stated that it appeared to be a small animal, and that it might be pregnant. At 1719 Dana called to advise that the RI37 ID had been confirmed.

 The Billands did the usual Thursday Reef Runway check this morning, with Security Guard Eileen. They found nobody. Eileen called them at 1330 to advise that she had found Kekoa (RK72) on her rounds, and called again at 1425 to report that U’ilani (RN36) had now arrived to the RR.

 Kaiwi at china walls
Buster and Rip 
 so much for hanging out and having some bro time
 hey you came back 
 want to wrestle?
Buster and a boob at the blow hole 
 here she is ms mm 
 now thats a picture.... did she dig a hole for herself or did she find one and make use of it
 and there's the people the people the people
 surf's up


barbara said...

It was a bummer at the reef with no animals seen on our time scheduled.

But..later on, Miss Eileen called to say..Kekoa arrived..YEAH.

She called half hour later with Ui lani hualing in at the birth beach. Dam...both showed up...I mean thats a good thing, just not when WE were there in the blazing sun...waiting for the munchkins. Glad Eileen was there that lucky lady..THANKS EILEEN...You are AWESOME.

Mean while, we had left M and M alone at Plains, thinking a volunteer would be with her. NOPE...NOT ONE VOLUNTEER CAME TO KEEP HER SAFE. THat is truly a disappointment for us old guys.

So that meant Rob and I sat there keeping guard on poor M. The cabin folks said just after we left...SURFERS kept going in to the zone. THEY TRIED TO KEEP FOLKS OUT...THANKS GUYS...YOU ARE APPRECIATED FOR TRYING.

I dont know what is going on, but not having help sucks. Our animals are so important to us..we CARE. WE TRY DAILY TO DO THE BEST WE CAN IN PROTECTING THE SEALS. IT HURTS NO ONE CAME AGAIN. Plains was so busy...ITS SUMMER.

And around 5:25pm THERE WAS A 10 FOOT SHARK, TIGER SHARK!!! Lurking off shore. When we noticed everyone facing inland, racing to land...we knew...SHARK. Although we never saw the shark, we knew IT was there. Very impressive to see a whole bunch of surfers flying in together, to get to...LAND.

After that we were on our toes looking, but still we never saw the shark. We notified Lifeguards who had just left the area.

And wouldnt ya know, there were those idiots who just kept surfing, EVEN IF A SHARK WAS SIGHTED. MAN, if that was me, I'd be flying out of the water..PERIOD.

WE stayed with M AND M till 6:45pm..pulled the ropes, said a prayer for her safety...and LEFT for the day. was fricken HOT OUT THERE. We are toasted.

Sure hope our volunteers will be out to HELP us old guys. We'll see.

YOOHOO!!!! Anyone available if a seal shows up?????????? PLEASE?????

OH and because we sat with M and M for 9 hours...that meant we couldnt do our route at all. So...we never got to monitor...HAUPU..the pregnant seal.

Lesley said...

Kimo took me out to Mokuleia yesterday. We arrived just after sunset, I was able to walk down to Birth Beach with him. There were no trails or seals on the beach.
Can't wait to heal fast and get back out there for my longer monitoring hikes.
There was a report of a tagged seal at Camp Erdman in the morning. We didn't see any when we were out there.
Happy Aloha Friday, have a fun & safe weekend,

Liz said...

Summer is a hard time to get volunteers, kids are out of school, and people are my guess is the number of volunteers are down, not to mention gas being so high to travel to other parts of the Island - that makes it harder for the people that are able to go- Thankfully we have you Barbara and Robert...