Thursday, June 19, 2014

6-18-2014 - West Side

Thank you Ms Marty for calling in the Benny sighting
 Lil Olivia hard at work... I think she's practicing the rule of thumb... finger... pointer :-)
 showing off her belly
 MM at white plains
where's her buoy?
Here's a few extra shots of MM from Diane T
 although MM rested peacefully.... the humans were restless

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barbara said...

Thanks to Miss Marty, who made the call for Benny and for being there for 2 hours to keep folks away from seal.

Thanks to Miss Debbie, the WARRIOR from Makaha, for keeping the watch with Benny from 11am to 5:30 with her friend. God bless YOU.

And then thanks to Bev R. for her watch with M from 1pm to 6pm. Lots of kids out there huh? And everyone likes to ENTER THE thanks for keeping things safe for man and seal.

To Diane T. for her watch with M in the am to noon. I know it is hard to keep folks out of zone..its something that goes on daily and thats why we need volunteers out at Plains, especially with summer now. Thanks.

It was a thrill to see a seal at Windsock again, been a long time since finding one there for months.

I appreciate the two fishermen for calling in Haupu's haul out at Windsock...

Hoping volunteers will still help us out for the summer and stressful when NO ONE COMES..SO THANKS VERY MUCH GUYS.

We havent seen Ewa girl in a very long time..she was coming out at Windsock regularly or airport, NOW NO EWA GIRL ANY WHERE...Pray she is ok...wonder if she had a pup as the last sighting, SHE WAS HUGE. I miss her, she was so regal, so smart, big and she provided us with many beautiful pups over the years. I think she is now 22 years old...

Where are Irma, Ewa Girl, Kermit, 2AW, 912...where do they go???

Thanks heavens we know where Pohaku went...soon she will return to Oahu..she is a NINJA of a mom fighting off all the males who been visiting her.

To R018...I so miss you.....