Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Documentary in the Making

Aloha Good People

Please take a minute and watch this short.... Robin and Andrew are making a documentary about the Hawaiian monk seals. I had the pleasure of meeting with them last year and they are documenting everything from what's going on out on the northwest Hawaiian islands as well as what's happening here at home.  I love they are doing this, and I can't wait to see the final footage.

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barbara said...

Oh my gosh, cant wait to see the entire footage of this awesome story.

I remember these guys, we met them last year with a few of our seals.

One of em was Makaiwi R4DF when she had that horrible injury...we called the couple out when we found Makaiwi at the Makaha location. It was kind of late, but they made it out to site.

I am excited to see this program in the future..what was shown so far was EXCELLENT, BEAUTIFUL. I want MORE!!!!