Sunday, June 29, 2014

6-28-2014 Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

This morning Marilyn, Ken T and I did the Ka'ena Point monitoring hike.

Unfortunately we didn't see RN58 "Luana" but we had a great surprise: finding Temp 402 "Squintty" in BG's Pool. He is looking great and healthy

Next we saw RO40 "Ka'ena" at the end of the Runway and RR70 "Rip" hauling out on the outside reefs of the Main Pool. 

It was a beautiful day out there.

The Albatross chicks are nearly ready for their first flight!

Just a reminder all photos were taken at safe distances, here they are zoomed in and cropped therefore the slight blur.  Aloha,  Lesley 
Temp 402  

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