Monday, November 18, 2013

Yesterday's yesterdays News on Irma (simply Sunday)

Aloha Good People,
Lesley sent this to me yesterday and I forgot to post.... the siting of Irma would be Sunday...  We weren't able to download any of the photos but if you click on the link they are definitely worth seeing.... Thank you Nikole!  and thank you Lesley.

Yesterday late afternoon a hotline call came in from Mark @ North Beach MCBH reporting a seal.

Nikole Vargas was on site and took some fantastic photos. 

The seal reported is R010 "Irma". 

Since I wasn't home, I couldn't check my files so it took me a while to ID her and after double checking with DB he confirmed it was her.

DB said that as far as he knows she has never been reported at Kaneohe Base. 

The link to the photos is:

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