Friday, November 22, 2013

11-22-2013 Lesley's Trek Out to Ka'ena Point

Kimo Lyman and I did Ka'ena Pt today
We started off by finding a big dead shark in a tide pool at the 10 minute mark. Calls and reports were done.

At Hidden Beach, R912 "Nihoa" was stretched out near the waterline. She seems to be resting her after molt, she has a nice new coat. A bigger wave washed over her head and she moved to the delight of some visitors that wanted to make sure she was OK

Out at the point in different locations we found:
RO40 "Ka'ena" on his own in a new location, probably preparing to molt 
RN58 "Luana" and RW02 on some reefs between the Runway and the Main Beach
RW08 "Kerby" had the main pool all to himself and was sleeping on the reefs in the center of the pool
RR70 "Rip" was down by the waterline of Back Beach in the same spot we saw him on Monday

Coming back from the hike, as we were leaving I spotted a seal down Mokuleia Beach - it was RB24 "Haupu". By her trails she must have hauled out in the days high tide, cause she wasn't there on our morning walk.

On my way into town  at 6:00 PM, I got a Hotline report of a seal in Aina Haina. I stopped by the callers house, but the seal had just left. It was a big green seal, had 2 tags and did a big long "jet" pee - description fitted a male. We'll have to go with an U/M for tonight.

R912 Nihoa 
 RB24 Hauupu 
 RN58 Luana and RW02
 Little Luana
 Ka'ena RO40
 Rip R70 
 RW08 Kerby
 What a Handsome dude !

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