Saturday, November 2, 2013

11-3-2013 Team Billand

Ewa Girl and Kermit at Windsock
 Kermit you're such a player
 Ewa Girl in the middle of some fishing
 Dude... mind your business and keep walking
 Kermit at Nimitz
 dude put in some miles today
 Really people?
 No lady this is how you pose!


Val said...

Argh.......I just go crazy when I see these photos of people so close to a wild animal. Guess it goes to prove that you can't fix stupid!!!

barbara said...

In Life one can do something about things that are WRONG!!! Or one can just turn, look away and do NOTHING!!

For Rob and I WE DO!!!

We had call from Linda, Pohaku was on shore from 6:30am. Linda would do what she could at that hour and left.

To my knowledge, NO ONE WENT TO HELP PROTECT OUR CRITICALLY ENDANGERED SEAL, who just loves secret beach..just linda was there for her.

Got another call, people are all around the seal. Ok that's it. We went on over to KoOlina. Leaving our three seals at SWQ.

To my anger, there were all those TOURISTS right at Pohaku, who was just laying there, sleeping, peeping up at the visitors who had NO RESPECT for the mammal. The Hawaiian Monk Seal, so critically endangered, PROTECTED BY STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS!!! Here were these humans having fun with her, laughing, doing poses one by one. I thought they were going to PET her even. Photos taken to show all you guys, what goes on out there ALL THE TIME. It was gut wrenching for me...I tried to REMAIN CALM. These folks were IN THE PERIMETER. ALL OF THEM...JUST HAVING FUN WITH POHAKU!!!!!!!!!!

I went over, looked at every one there playing with our poor girl. It felt like a knife in my side. I WAS SO PISSED OFF...I started grabbing signs, moving them and said:


The lady picked up her slippers, leaving one behind. The man stood up, slowly moved out. I got the ropes, put them up but the ropes were tangled..a nice man came over to help me. His wife came over to help also, I thank THEM.

All those people left site. Man I cant believe how up set I felt. My heart pumping hard!!!

I told the helpers, these folks think they are doing good by getting so close to this animal all the time, its making our endangered mammal, DOMESTICATED, FRIENDLY. THATS SO WRONG. I cant believe they think its FUN!!! I cant beleive humans. Treat our seals like dogs.
I got the ropes up, ROb arrived as he had to Park so far away, then walk to site. Together we got the seal properly roped off. I even made an informational sign, getting my point across to make folks understand...STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM OUR SEALS..they are not and never will be a CIRCUS ACT.

Rob and I remained at site, to protect and educate humans here at this beach. Everyone got the message and all was so much better.

And we met up with two people we met at Plains, visitors. They were refreshing to us, repectful, and they remained behind the signs.

The lady told us to get water, up at the hotel, I told her MAM, thanks, but we are here to protect the seals, we dont dare take anything from the hotels. She said, oh you go and get water, its ok.

She offered us a cold ICE TEE which I took as its hot there. Rob and I shared it.

The husband came to us with two cold waters, WE WERE SO GRATEFUL for their kindness. I gave the guy a hug and he even took our empty cups back. YES, decent folks, that felt so good.Then he shook our hands, told us we are doing good for the seals, and he appreciated us!!!!!!!!!!

We remained on shore for another two hours, then, we left. Before leaving I did try to get other volunteers to monitor our seal...WITH NO ONE COMING at all till around 4pm.

Suddenly Pohaku turned and galumphed out of lagoon heading east. OH MY GOSH, THAT IS THE BEST THING TODAY...I clapped my hands, we removed equipment and left site. THANKS POHAKU...THANKS POHAKU..GOD BLESS YOU and sorry what man does to you!!!

I made a few calls and we were out of KoOlina for the day. AMEN!!

barbara said...

IT's me again, I need to say something here too.

I been thinking about Pohaku, she is not a friendly seal. She does not seek human companionship, she just looks for a spot to REST. She TOLERATES folks for a spot, I hear her whooping folks, they think its CUTE.

She is no way like KP2, RO42, nor, poor NO2 Kamilo from the Big Island, who was recently removed for biting two people. She is still a seal, hoping to get some REST..PERIOD.

So I hope our magnificent Pohaku is not plucked from her resting spot.

We cant take these seals away all the time, its the people we need to reach and educate. Our seals come to KoOlina, 10 of them now.There is a reason, just I cant figure it out, other than, its beautiful out there, protected, so the seals, COME.

I hope folks understand what I am getting at. Im just trying to PROTECT WHAT IS LEFT ON EARTH...THEY DESERVE A PLACE ON SHORE...THEY ARE AT HOME HERE IN HAWAII..HELP THEM!!!!!