Saturday, November 9, 2013

R5AY Update from November 4th in Kahuku

Aloha good people, 
A very good Samaritan watched over R5AY on Monday (11/4) and called the hot line while Diane G. was manning the phones... Nickolas submitted these great shots of our Honey Girl.... she's looking healthy and rather full figured... I would like to thank Nickolas for sharing his photos with the blog and watching over her.... (oh by the way I think the monk seals have a new fan).

I also want to note that it's important we keep track of this girl... she's been through a lot in the past year and we want to make sure she continues her good health especially if she has a pup... and also want to make sure the pup is healthy too.

 oh momma
 from this angle she doesn't look so big... oh and i love the crabs in the background 

 such a sweet face

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Diga said...

Photos of R5AY were taken by Nicholas P. Kalodimos on November 4th.

Diane G