Friday, November 1, 2013

11-1-2013 Maka'iwi Update from Tracy

Good news!  Makaiwi was sighted yesterday on Kauai!  Last sighting of her was Oct.11 on Oahu.  Her dorsal wound looks like it is continuing to heal.  She has not been seen on Kauai since 2009.


barbara said...

Oh Yeah!!!! Thanks guys for sharing the find of Makaiwi R4DF, female with the injury that is healing.

She looks loads better guys. We are so very grateful to see, she is OK!!!!!

After finding her at KoOlina with that nasty injury, and, she is still HEALING and fine. I clasp my hands in JOY!!!!!!

madhatter said...

Wow so glad to hear about and see Makaiwi again. I was worried too,she sure does get around the Islands.