Saturday, November 16, 2013

11-16-2013 Saturday Ka'ena Point Trek

The team today was: Marilyn, Kimo Lyman, Ken, Tia and myself. We hiked out separately and met out at the point. 

Our first find was R912 "Nihoa" @ Hidden Beach, she was still there when we hiked out

At the point we found RW02 our now permanent Kauai visitor near the Runway.

On the Main Beach RK36 Kauai "Kolohe" was hauled out on the reefs of the Main Pool while RW08 "Kerby" and RO40 "Ka'ena" were on the water line. "Ka'ena" had his head in the water and remained like that for the entire time we were there. "Kerby" is showing off his beautiful new silver coat 

RN58 "Luana" had the Back Beach all to her self - before we left she gallumped down to the water line and put her head in the water. Big waves were washing her but she didn't seem to mind.

As we arrived back to the parking lot I received a call from one of our volunteers saying there was a seal down the beach from where my car was parked. It turned out to be RB24 "Haupu" down passed Kimo's beach towards Camp Erdman. A couple visiting from the mainland said she had been there for hours - we did not see her in our morning check.
Aloha, Lesley 
R912 Nihoa
 RB24 Hauupu
 RK36 Kauai Kolohe
 awww a comfy pillow
 RN58 Luana
 wheeeeeeee sliding down the pebbles
 RO40 Ka'ena
 coming up for air
 RW02 Ka'ena and Kerby
 RW08 Kerby

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