Friday, November 22, 2013

11-22-2013 Unidentified Seal on the Mokulua Islands Today

Aloha good people,

One of my friends stopped by my store today and said she saw a seal out on the island today while she was paddling.... she didn't have any photos and the only description was it looked fairly large. 

I later stopped by the Kailua Sailboard and Kayak to check in with the crew and as I was speaking with Annissa, one of the guides was sending the pictures. Unfortunately the photos are from Matt's phone and low resolution.  Based on the description it's very likely a female.... which one is unclear. 

I did check with the seal whisperer and the official call is "unknown".  (however, based on recent events, it could be right spot since she has been in the area and based on Irma's thin waistline this seal looks a little heavier.

THANK YOU KSK for your continued support for the Hawaiian monk seals and keeping us updated!
 nice blue skies
 thank you KSK and especially Matt for putting up the sign and keeping the crowds at bay.

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