Saturday, November 23, 2013

11-23-2013 Star of the Day... Kea's Big Day

Aloha good people
As you will read in DB's dailies Kea had a big day today in that he was seen for the first time beyond eternity beach.... and as it turns out later at eternity beach.  In addition to his triumphant day this was all documented by some great underwater shots from Paul Hasley.... (thank you Paul for sharing your GREAT pics).  
So enjoy the photos.... our little weaner boy is growing up!

fantastic !!! Kea and a passing honu
 how cute am I?
N46 Kea 
 did you say something?
 He looks like a little cartoon character here.... so freaking cute!
 showing off his spot
 and here we go... so this is exactly the problem with people and little seals... they are way to close 
 for sure a disturbance
 thankfully the little guy wanted nothing to do with them


barbara said...

Nearly every day, folks go up to the seals, do these folks ever get a fine?????????????? Is the Monk seal...a target for humans to play with??????

I sit here on my chair fuming to see those photos...just terrible. Glad Kea took off...he needed to relocate for sure.


FINE THEM...they'll just continue to do with the seals. tsk tsk.

madhatter said...

So cool, love the pictures of Kea it would be awesome to see him underwater like that,he is the cutest!
As for the people if they are tourist I think they just don't know any better and most people from the mainland know nothing about the monk seals. I read something that someone else had an idea of having a video on the planes right before landing to explain about the monk seals and that they could get a fine for bothering them. That might deter some people, I don't know how hard it would be but their are movies on the plane. And the monk seals being so cute draw a people to them. Really hope something can be done.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh! so good to see Kea drinking to have fun. these are some great under water shots. I miss him and ask the seals and helping out. It sure it's different here in VA and no seals.