Wednesday, November 6, 2013

11-6-2013 Lesley Reports on Ka'ena Point Sightings.

Tia, Paulette (a visiting volunteer from BI) and I hiked out to Ka'ena Point.

R912 "Nihoa" was the first find of the day while I was waiting for the ladies to join me. She was near Camp Erdman / Mokuleia working on her molt ~ 15 / 20% . On the way back from the KPt hike we checked on her again she had entered the water and hauled out closer to the camp. I went up and did some out reach with Monitors and students - groups took turns to go watch her from behind the Naupaka bushes. All very respectful and happy to see the "real" thing

At Hidden Beach RR70  "Rip" was baking near the water line. He entered the water and we were lucky to see him haul out again when we returned from the Point.

RW08 "Kerby" was molting away on the Runway ~ 40/50%

The big surprise was to find little RN58 "Luana" on her first visit to the point. Definitely earlier than her sister made it last year. She was hauled out on the beach between RW02 our Kauai (now nearly permanent) visitor and RO40 "Ka'ena" in a tide pool. 

Aloha,  Lesley

 R912 Nihoa at Mokuleia
 molt is moving right along
 RN58 Luana meets Ka'ena  

 she's pretty brave hanging out with the big boys
 nice shot of RIP looking back
 Rw02 looking handsome with his new coat
 and now Kerby is in the middle of his molting
 awwww dude!  you've looked better... no worries you'll be back to being handsome in no time.

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Anonymous said...

Mahalo for making that long trek out to the point to check on them and get these pics, especially of Luana.