Saturday, November 30, 2013

11-30-2013 Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

Marilyn, Tia & I did Ka'ena Pt today  
Marilyn & I checked Mokuleia airfield beaches and Camp Erdman before heading to KPt.

At the "10minutes Beach" from the Mokuleia parking lot we found R912 "Nihoa" sleeping among beach boulders. She was no longer there when we hiked out, but we saw a seal swimming in the area then further on a surprise at Hidden Beach. 

Little RN58 "Luana" was hauled up high on the beach with her head in a Naupaka bush. I had seen her yesterday @ Main Beach KPt. She must have had her share of the big boys for a while. She has several superficial nails and teeth marks all over her fur.

There was a group that camped out there, a girl was down the beach so I went and do some outreach. Since I had since dog foot prints on the sand I asked her if they had a dog with them. She said yes and that when she saw the pup she tied the dog to the tent.  On our way back they were cooking and the dog was sleeping tied up by the tent.

There were no foot prints near RN58 "Luana" meaning she was left in peace and there was a perfect coexistence scenario. Although overnight camping and dogs are not allowed there.

At the point RR70 "Rip" (~40/50% molted) and RO40 "Ka'ena" were sleeping peacefully on Back Beach.

Few visitors braved the weather and we had good outreach with them.  
Weather got better and we saw many people hiking and driving out to the Pt.   +
Aloha, Lesley 


 RN58 Luana
 RO40 Ka'ena
 nice pillow
Rip is bare chested... 

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