Thursday, November 21, 2013

11-21-2013 Team Billand

Benny at White Plains
 Buster joining Benny at White Plains
 Kermit at Wind sock
 I'll tell ya Kermit has come up with some good poses lately... I half expect him to prop up on his hind flippers and walk ;-)
 you're going to have to enlarge photos to check for hook
 nothing like burying your head in the sand... er I mean lava rock
 T21 at Reef Runway
 baby girl back home U'ilani
 perfect spot for a nap
 great shot barb.... love the fin action
 see she blendsa in with the sand and the log !


barbara said...

Yesterday was a full seal day with nine animals. We done a lot of traveling, lots of educatin, walking.

Our first seal, Ewa Girl, no photos in the blog, was our first seal. And we had just finished making her zone, she suddenly took off. We never saw her again.

But we did see a bobbing head from Kalaeloa area, we shot down to see who the animal was, felt it was a male..but who..Buster, Kermit, Benny??? Never found that animal.

Get this call from a friend who works at Costco, Seal at Maili Beach Park with a huge scar...filled with sand. HOLY CRAP, thats Makaiwi I thought. We had airport duty, we didnt have much time, but might be our girl. So we sped down back to Waianae and guess what???

It WAS Makaiwi, holy crap. I was thrilled to see her, alone and ok. Her wound was healed pretty much, but you can see it is still healing. I made a desperate call to Dana, Please get some trooper to watch over Makaiwi, Please. I cant stay, got to move on. I also saw TWO LIFEGUARDS, begged them to keep Makaiwi safe for me, I had to go. Sure they said and I gave the history of our girl...Makaiwi. Because we had so many other seals, we never got back to her...shucks.

Next: Reef Runway..a place I come to love to go to, as there are many seals that come here..and because of one security guards call, we got this spot on the map with two births, and I think eight seals hauling out here. And we had one rescue of Kekoa Alii here with the packing strap around his belly. We also got a beach clean up with tons of cargo nets and so much became our mission to take care of the reef run way.

Ok, back to seals, we found U ilani, sleeping at her favorite telephone pole, and the old crusty dude T21M. Not starting his molt yet.

On to a seal at Plains, BENNY, at 1706. While talking seal to some really nice cabin folks, another seal appears..BUSTER. He hauled up with Benny, they had a stare down, Buster rolled back to the water, to just go back and forth, as if he wanted Benny to go with him, NAH,Benny stayed, Buster moved on and we never saw him again.

When we went to Maili to find Makaiwi, We had spotted a seal, clean, newly hauled up..but we were so late for Airport, we passed the seal for LATERS. TOO BAD..upon our return, a large man ran Kolohe OFF.

But..we did find 4DJ at guard rails, snoozing in a funny way, hard for an id..but tag was visible.

Rush back to Plains, benny ok..
Call of two more animals at Kalaeloa, got there, no seals, but TWO WALLOWs.

Ran down to Windsock and there was Kermit..with a man and a lady at his body..Kermit making a desperate lunge, a bark at the folks. We YELLED HEY..STOP THAT..MOVE AWAY FROM THE SEAL!!! Kermit was going to run...but we got the folks back and gave em 101 immediately.

Went back to benny, still ok, and cabin lady to watch him for us so we can stay with Kermit.

Ah, Kermit suddenly galumphed to the water and we then saw...A FRICKEN HOOK right side lip..Called Tracy.

In the end of our day, we stayed with benny till 6pm..Phew..long long day..with 9 animals..god bless them.

madhatter said...

I was happy to see Makaiwi,I had just been thinking about her. I hope thing turn out ok for Kermit with the hook. it sure does look like Kermit is about to get up on his flippers and walk I also hope Irma is ok. I'll be looking forward to read the blog tomorrow morning and it's the weekend so I'll get to check it out earlier. You guys really do such a great job speaking out and keeping the seals safe.