Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11-12-13 Lesley Reports Hotline Calls: T21M and Video fof Duke

A call came in this morning reporting a seal @ Paikō Lagoon MaunaLua Bay. The owners of the house in the Bird Sanctuary gave me permission to come in, so I responded and found T21M sleeping on the beach. 

He was reported for couple of days in a row at the end of last week by Eileen @ the HNL Airport Reef Runway.

T21M is very green and must be getting ready to molt at any time now.
I'll check on him again this afternoon.


After several calls and exchange of emails with  Hector Seguin Jr from Honolulu Honu Divers and MOST of all with the help of DB we were able to ID RA12 "Duke" as the seal seen today @ 11:00 AM on a dive near China Walls / Portlock.
The photos sent in previously were not clear enough for identification purposes, but going thru details and finally with this video footage, we can actually see the CC scar belly side mid body right side and sex of the seal.

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