Saturday, November 23, 2013

11-23-2013 Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

Marilyn, Tia & I did Ka'ena Pt  monitoring today.

Our first seal find was R912 "Nihoa" @ Hidden Beach - she was no linger there when we cam back

Out at the point we found RW02 just hauling out on reefs between the Runway and Ka'ena's Pool

RW08 "Kerby" was in the same place as yesterday - hauled out on the reefs in the middle of the Main Pool

RR70 "Rip" & RO40 "Ka'ena" were sleeping up near the big rock on Back Beach. RR70 "Rip" gallumped down to the water line followed later by RO40 Ka'ena

 Nihoa R912
 Ka'ena and Rip
 RO70 Ka'ena needing a tissue to clean his seal snot
 maybe he's going to rinse his face off
 or maybe not
 RO40 Ka'ena and R70 Rip hanging out
 Hanging on the edge
 RW08 Kerby
 haaaaa Kerby in the same pose as RW02....

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madhatter said...

Have RIP and Ka'ena hung out like that before? This is the first time I have seen them together. Any word on Irma hope she is doing ok.