Sunday, November 10, 2013

11-10-2013 DB's Dailies: Mojo,Kaiwi&Kainoa@RI, Pohaku@Secrets, Rocky@CIP, T21M?@RR

The day got off to a pretty sloppy and wet start but improved. It was 0711 before I found my first critter. Mojo (RI17) was once again at 2BS on Rabbit Island.
At 0728 on a pan I found Kaiwi 9RK96) & Kainoa (RN04) together at Right Middle Cliff.
Despite a Kea Quest by Melanie, Gayle, Marilyn & myself, it was yet another no-show day for Kea.
Cianna called at 0840 with the report of an U/U at Secrets. Team Billand would confirm the Pohaku (RO28) ID at 1117. It sounded like another one of them days at Secrets, with one guy shoving Linda out of the way and going through the SPZ. There always gotta’ be one . Thanks to Linda, Brandi & of course Team Billand.
Cianna called again at 1156 with another U/U report from Campbell Industrial Park. Team Billand confirmed Rocky (RH58) at 1233.

Cianna called again at 1257 with the report of a call from Eileen about a large animal with a white spot on it’s head at the Reef Runway. T21M has got to be my first choice.

Kaiwi and Kainoa - I love that this new generation of seals are hanging out at Rabbit Island... It's even better there is actually a whole new generation of seals. 
 Rocky at Campbelss
 Rocky looking good there lady!
 bad bad leroy brown at secrets 
 Linda and Pohaku and fan
 Robert teaching the fans 

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Dana said...

Many thanks also to THE LAMPERTS for taking on the evening shift of Pohaku's fans. They made my day AND Brandi's when they showed up at 4pm to finish out the day. Thank you guys.