Saturday, November 2, 2013

11-2-2013 Lesley Treks out to Ka'ena Point

Today Marilyn, Tia and I hiked Ka'ena Point together.

We started at bb Mokuleia for RN58 "Luana" but we found her half way out to the point just hauling out on Hidden Beach. We were pleased to see that all the sea cucumber goo has come off her face.

Out at the point RO40 "Ka'ena" and RW08 "Kerby" were sleeping peacefully on the Runway.

Earlier just as we were leaving bb Mokuleia, Kimo Lyman and I spotted an odd shape on the beach down at Camp Erdman. We left to the point and Kimo went out to check on it. 

He reported that it was indeed a seal and sent a photo. So heading back from our hike we stopped over there and IDed R912 "Nihoa". She's ~ 60/70 %  thru her.

 R912 Nihoa peeling away
 Luana sweet and sleepy eyed
 RO40 Ka'ena
 Kerby and Ka'ena 
 RW08 Kerby

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