Saturday, November 9, 2013

11-9-2013 DB''s Dailies:

Once again the daily will be short and sweet due to a lack of critter participation. At 1044, on my 3rd look at Rabbit Island, I found Kaiwi (RK96) at Right Middle Cliff, and Mojo (RI17) snoozin’ at 2BS. Both would remain the whole day.
Today was a no Kea day.
Marilyn, Lesley & Ken did the Ka’ena Pt trek from the Mokuleia side today. On the way in, at the beach just beyond Hidden Beach the found a 95% molted R912.
At the point, on the main beach found Luana (RN58) with RW02. Later Ka’ena (RO40) would haul out mid way between the Runway & Ka’ena’s Pool.
Cianna checked in at 1155 with the report of an U/U at Paradise Cove. Dana called at 1345 to confirm the Kermit (R012) ID. Dana called again to advise that Kermit departed at 1720.

The Billands are back !! They left Sam Boyd all their money, and will be back on the job in the morning !!!  Welcome home Team Billand !!! 

 Big Brother Mojo
 RN58 Little cutie Luana 
 R912 - okay... I have to admit the next two photos really made me stop and think... if I didn't know better I would SO think this animal was deceased. Just the way she is laying there.....
 I think sometimes we forget what it's like to see one of these animals for the first time and wonder if they are alive or hurt in some ways... I am NOT suggesting it's okay for people to approach them but I can understand when people are genuinely concerned and don't know what the rules are.
 RW02 and Luana
 RW02 and Luana

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