Thursday, November 14, 2013

11-14-2013 DB's Dailies

At 0600 I found Irma (R010) waiting for me right where I’d left her last night, at the base of the hill at Makapuu Beach. I redid the cordon and she remained at dark.
On my 0651 AD check I found nobody. I picked up yesterday’s signs and continued the adventure.
At 0705 Hanauma Bay posse member Gene called with the report of an animal swimming the near shore waters of HB from east to west. He reported the animal hauling out near the right end at 0717. I arrived at 0720, just in time to have Jack (at the Bay) call to say that the animal had been run off and departed. I remained for half an hour but never saw anything. A witness characterized the animal as medium sized, with a brown coat. There was no other info. Van King’s photos did not allow an ID.
At 0854, from Makai Pier, I found Mojo (RI17) at 2BS, Kainoa (RN04) at Right Middle Cliff, and Kaiwi (RK96) at 3BS on Rabbit Island.
Despite lots of checks everywhere, Kea was a no show today.
Team Billand checked in at 0902 with the report of Kermit (R012) fronting #1944, White Plains. He would depart at 1713.
The highlight of the day came at 1025 with another Billand call, reporting Kekoa (RK72) and little sister U’ilani (RN36) together at the Reef Runway.
Team Billand began following a foraging animal at 1509. At 1527 Barbara got the Rocky (RH58) ID while she was still foraging. At 1550 Rocky hauled out to Al’s Bench, Kalaeloa Campground. Barbara reported what might be a shark bite wound on Rocky. Awaiting photos.

At 1713 the Billands reported the arrival of M&M (R020), fronting #1707, White Plains.

 Irma at Makapuu 
 Mojo at Rabbit Island 
 u/u at Hanauma Bay
 Kermit White Plains
 MM at white plains
 Rocky at Kalaeloa
 hmmmm looks like she was like this time
looking closer maybe not a shark but from a male seal being a little pushy shall we say?

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