Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Here's my annual thanksgiving image... guess which seal had his mouth open?
Someday I'll create a new one for the holidays..... but until then I wish each and everyone of you a very happy and safe thanksgiving.  I am extremely thankful for everything you all do everyday helping our beloved Hawaiian monk seals.  It doesn't always feel like you are making a difference but trust me.... you are! Every little bit counts !!!  


madhatter said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. My guess the monk seal with his mouth open is Kermit. Love the Thanksgiving picture of the monk seals.

barbara said...

Happy Thanksgiving all!! Hope its a quiet and safe day for us.

NOPE..that seal with the mouth opened is our very own, ADD seal, BENNY RE74.

And the royal lady is..our beloved..Irma R010.

Photo taken several years ago at Makaha Beach and on that day, Kermit was also out there, fighting with Benny from early morning till late evening. It was one of the worst battles we ever seen. Benny was so aggressive, Kermit was persistant..he also wanted..MISS IRMA. They fought for her on rocks, on sand in the was scarey.

ANy ways, god bless everyone on this great day...THANKSGIVING.

For me..I am most thankful for my ROBERT..he the man in my life and forever.

TO my kids..a blessing.

TO my grand daughter Olivia who keeps me busy, when we see her. LOVE YOU ANGEL!!

To all the animals in my life..

TO MY MOM AND DAD for teaching me about ...LIFE, RESPECT, HONOR, LOVE. All though they are no longer with us, I think of them each day. MISS YA MA AND DAD!!!

I am grateful for all the monk seals in our lives...each of them live with us, in our souls...wish we could make it better for all of them.

To DB, Marylin, we love ya, and treasure our friendship..

To all the volunteers..god bless you for your help on the beach.

To NOAA for all the rescues..THANK YOU FROM OUR HEARTS.

To the Marine Mammal center for the new Hospital for our monk seals on Kona...which we needed for our many hooked seals. FOR Saving ...our beloved KP2..HO ILONA!!

Thanks all...Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh and to the VETS who saved R5AY and RK36...and for caring for Makaiwi's wounds in Sept. I know there are more seals you've helped..your work, compassion and knowledge is appreciated.

And to Donna for the BLOG..I still keep up with it and love it..THanks girl...hugs.