Tuesday, July 8, 2014

7-8-2014 Welcome Back Maka'iwi

Debbie hanging out with Maka'iwi
 Maka'iwi is looking mighty mighty big...  
 so happy to see her home and healthy
Rip's tail

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barbara said...

I wonder if Makaiwi is just visiting for a short period, then go to Kauai to birth. Hear me Makaiwi?

It was pure joy to see her yesterday. Seeing that big scar on her back... THATS MAKAIWI R4DF, she's BACK. She was pretty much all sandy, so was RIP...but that scar was a dead give away.

So proud of her..she has come a long ways after her horrific injury . She sure looks Pregnant! I hope and pray, Makaiwi can have a normal birth...Unlike poor I37..IPO.

It was hard to leave her and Rip, there were some not so nice guys that came by. Thanks Deb, for being there till almost 7pm.

She is still a very pretty seal..with an ATTITUDE..which females have to have to survive.

Now to keep her protected while she is Here on OAHU..

Rip was a gentlemen..he just layed by her side the whole time, no fights while we were with them.

Welcome Back Sweet Makaiwi..we've missed you..worried about you..you will always be in my heart, my thoughts and, we will do all we can to PROTECT YOU. Safe Journey..and thanks for coming home.