Thursday, July 24, 2014

7-24-2014 Lesley @ Mokuleia to Hau'ulaRi

The day started checking Birth Beach / Mokuleia we found NO traces of RN58 “Luana”. I then headed towards Hau’ula, combing Mokuleia beaches.
Before leaving the house we had received a call from friends reporting a big seal hauled out at Rocky Point / Sunset. I informed V/C Dana. As I had some time to spear I stopped by and found beautiful R016 “Right Spot” hauled out near the waterline with signs around here – Jeannie Martinson had already gone by ;)
At Hau’ula Civic Center I met Dotty Kelly and Kathy Brown for the last day of the Watershed Detectives summer classes. We, NSOEC invited Kathy to do the HMS Education presentation to both morning and afternoon groups.
Mahalo Kathy the kids loved it!
On our lunch break Kathy & I met with Diane Gabriel and Karen Turner for lunch at TBR. We had a good time sharing our volunteer experiences.
Diane, Karen & I did the TBR hike/monitoring but found no seals. A visitor told us he had seen a seal on his morning walk down at “Elbow Beach”.
I drove back to Hau’ula for the afternoon presentation.
The coast line from Ka’ena to Kualoa (and past it) is FULL of sea and river debris from the weekend rains that made monitoring more challenging. Wood and rock seals were everywhere !!   Aloha, Lesley 
Right Spot  
 And there's Dotty the woman behind "North Shote Ocean Education Coalition" I have so much respect for this woman... she took what was a brain-storming session and made it a reality. I only wish I had more time to dedicate to the continued growth.... I'll be back someday!   


Lesley said...

"Da BlogLady"
Your constant support is very appreciated and It would be a pleasure to have you back working with us on the NSOEC ;)

Donna Festa said...

Well thank you Ms Lesley! It's very frustrating not to be out there... but for now I gots to do what I gots to do....
So many exciting things happening....