Tuesday, July 29, 2014

7-26-2014 DB's Dailies: U/U @ BH , T990@HB, Duke&Kainoa@R, Kaiwi@LL, RIP, M&M@WP

At 0630 I found an U/U doing 6 minute dives at Blowhole . My dollar is on Buster but ????

 At 0756 Jack (at the Bay) called with the report of an animal on the rock flats at the east end of Hanauma Bay. When I arrived at 0815 I found T990 (R4DV). He is one of the “ol’ dudes”, translocated to Molokai in (1994),as an adult. His last and only knows visits to Oahu came on 6-15-14 near the Kahala Hilton, and then again on 6-24-14 in Waikiki. Since then ,according to Tracy, he’d been seen back on Molokai, but today the guy is hangin’ at Hanauma Bay. He would briefly enter the water at 1127, only to haul out again to a spot just 20 ft away from his initial location. Much Mahalos to Jack (at the Bay) for all the hard work. You are most definitely worth many,many times your weight in Guiness !!! We picked up the stuff at closing, and T990 remained. I’ll check him first thing in the morning.

 At 1033 I found Duke (RA12) just hauling out 100 ft left of 1BS on Rabbit Island. At 1108 Kainoa (RN04) hauled out not far left of Duke. Duke would notice him and moved to Kainoa’s location. There was lightweight interaction and both entered the water for a swim/play session at 1127.

 At 1154 Gayle called with the report of Kaiwi (RK96) at the Lanai Lookout Cove.

 At 0651 Team Billand reported RIP (RR70) & M&M (R020) fronting #1708 , White Plains. Mahalos to Jean, Diane Terai & Terri for the hours.

 Last , but not least, Happy 3rd Birthday to La’akea (RK82)!!

 Kainoa and Duke
 it's funny to me to think of Duke as the older one.... oh geesh these kids grow so fast
 T990 - I spent some time looking at these photos before posting.... I found myself feeling sad.... Looking at him he's pretty old and before long we'll have to deal with his passing.... it's so bitter sweet to see the elders getting old .... I mean in so many ways it should be celebrated that a Hawaiian monk seal lives out a life to a wonderful age of 25-30+ years.... that's what their suppose to do. 
 But looking closely you see the wear and tear this old boy has been through.... he has survived the odds... he deserves to be celebrated ! 
 Ah that scar across his chest.... reminds me of an old friend of mine.
Kaiwi at Lanai look out+
 MM - she always gives you that over the shoulder look... so sweet
 Rip and MM
 Happy 3rd Birthday La'akea

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madhatter said...

Lookin good T 990, it is cool to see an older monk seal. I'm sure he has seen a lot.
Stay safe T 990!