Monday, July 14, 2014

7-13-2014 Team Billand

Kolohe at Maili

 Kolohe has a cut above his right eye... doesn't look too serious
 ahhhh the big beautiful Maka'iwi at Makaha
 Pohaku and Benny
 well all good things must come to an end.... I think Benny make have overstayed his welcome
 we;ll have to wait and see if they're together tomorrow.

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barbara said...

Thanks Deb from Makaha for being out there once again with Makaiwi.

Thanks goes out to Brandi Apana and Carry for being out there with..Deb.
Together, things remained calm, Makaiwi got her needed REST.

To the sour grape, who insisted in jumping over the ropes...BAH!!!
What is so hard..about respecting the boundaries, going around. Signs and ropes we put out are there for the protection of humans and critter. Its grapes like YOU that screw up a lovely day for us and the critter.

I am so very glad, Benny and Pohaku left Aki's just isnt a good spot to chill out on. No matter how many times we talk to folks...there are those who just cant understand...about the seals having teeth..being 400 pounds, that one can get hurt if not careful. The seals ARE WILD..HELLO? THEY DO HAVE TEETH and if bothered, THERE IS A CHANCE of being...BITTEN!!!!

Any one see..M and M. Our lovely lady been missing for over two weeks already, hope she is ok and doing well.

Hey Kermit...will you ever come back to Oahu..miss you FAT BOY. I think of you EVERYDAY. WE keep hoping soon you will show up with...MISS IRMA like ya been for many years. Prayers to ya......