Thursday, July 3, 2014

TEAM BILLAND - Back in Action!

not sure what is going on here.... is this dude that clueless or does he not give a crap... I will let team billand fill us in... :-)  oh this makes me so happy to day that
pohaku and soon to be weaner
 dude just get the hell out of there!!
 Pohaku looking a little thin and her very healthy boy
 a day away from being a weaner
 a day or two after birth - THIS IS ROCKY's little one!!!
 she's such a good momma!
N ihoa and Rip
 Nihoa R912
 Benny and Pohaku... wonder who arrived back on island first ... pohaku or team billand ?

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barbara said...

I watched this guy,he seemed not to see the seals..thought he would with all the signs!!

Suddenly he walked right by the seals, it was too late, it all happened tooo I just documented the situation.

Later..he came to me to APPOLOGIZE. Well, if I SEE SIGNS AND SCREEN UP, I"D STOP TO CHECK WHY THEY ARE POSTED...RIGHT? Mom and PUP BARKED AT THE GUY..who was shocked and couldnt run fast enough. To see the PUP bark at the guy...PRICELESS...good boy. Pohaku so pissed. Lucky that guy made it out...Pohaku is fierce.

I think we got to Oahu first..then Pohaku, who BENNY CAME ACROSS and then, He was hot on her trail. Same thing last year, after Pohaku weaned off her first born SON, she came to Oahu in three days and we located her at Waikomo's Beach WITH BENNY, then...RIP the following day.

Wonder which Male will get her today???? Benny or RIP????

Kauai seals are awesome, volunteers AWESOME too. Many of the seals have horrible K13 and K30..god bless them..they are my NEW have survived such awful attacks by sharks, hit by a prop, entanglement scars for K30..yet she gave birth to a lovely FEMALE.

Oh and we met F22, K22's daughter.. KP2's MOM who weaned off the daughter before we arrived. She is a darling silly girl with lots of action. And got visited by...W02 often. But F22 stood her grounds..sending off W02. He. He.

Oh and we also met this seal, Male, with 4DB tags...later found out..he is a ROMEO, and often makes trouble to all the females. Just liked his huh?