Sunday, July 6, 2014

7-5-2014 Lesley's Saturday Ka'ena Point Trek

Marilyn & I did the Ka'ena Point hike and monitoring today.
We started and ended by checking Birth Beach Mokuleia / KPt and found no RN58 "Luana" or signs of her having being around. The Lyman's have been checking the beach this week and have seen her on several occasions.
At the parking lot we met PJ & John Salmonson and their team waiting for the first runners to arrive from the 10 mile run from Mokuleia Pkg lot to Yokohama Beach Park and back). We were just about to start our hike when the first runner arrived.
All along the coast, many families were camping and enjoying their long weekend.
We combed the point and were baiting zero when Marilyn pointed out a seal in the outside pool of the Main Pool. The seal didn't haul out but we followed him back towards Makuleia side and as we arrived @ Ka'ena's Pool he was there hauling out.
We went back to the Main Pool and found a freshly hauled out Temp 402 "Squinty". We did lots of outreach and had a good time out there.
It seems that the albatross chicks are already leaving. Today we only saw 4, from the bottom trail perhaps there are more on the Waianae side of the point. "Doc" is still around
The day started off very wet but we dried out by the time we got to the point and our hike back was very pleasant.   Aloha,  Lesley 

 Ka'ena RO40
temp 402 squinty

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