Sunday, July 6, 2014

7-6-2014 Sea Life Park Inhabitants

Here is someone we don’t often see much about. We spent a few hours today doing outreach at Sea Life Park and got to hang out with Lambchop (who came right up to the fence to greet us). Her cooler of fish was near our booth and she decided to try some vocalizing to convince us to feed her. The new monk seal exhibit was drained of water but hopefully soon they will have it up and running. As we left sea life park we went across the street to check out the zoom on my camera and there was a tandem kayak making its way across to Rabbit Island. They went straight for the beach and got out. I couldn't tell if there were any seals (turns out my camera zoom isn't that great after all).   Trudy

 nice view!
Bad guys on Rabbit Island 


Victoria Sgro Konopka said...

Where does Sea Life Park get the monk seals from?

Trudy Weaver said...

Sea Life Park houses Monk Seals that are unable to be released back into the wild.