Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7-22-2014 Kauai Maternity Update

KC and PK5 this little munchkin has something to say
 and is pretty good at scaling mom to get to some lunch
 RF28 Pohaku's Boy
 good catch dude!
 everyone is home !
 Rocky's kid... getting big quick
 haaaa love the straight line in the sand
 and we have a little swim session
 someone has a mind of their own


madhatter said...

Love the pictures and updates from Kauai,so cool that a lot of moms are having their pups in that one place I wonder how they know where to go? I like the look on RF 28 Pohaku's pup's face. It looks like PK5 is going to be a hand-flipper full. I look forward to these pup updates.

Dana said...

I think Rocky's kid was born large. That's the biggest pup I've ever seen!!!

jenhart said...

Mahalo to whomever's taking all the Kauai pics. Keep 'em coming if you can!!!