Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7-23-2014 Outer Island ( Maui and Kauai) News !!!

I love love love hearing about seals on the outer islands.... especially when they are known characters on Oahu....  If there was one favorite element of having this blog it's this.... being able to share the information from others about the same seals we all know and love. Makes this blog lady very happy after a very long day.
KC and PK5 from Tueday
 this is a very active little one
 Kerby on Kauai ( I believe it was from the 19th)  hanging with RK13
 Kerby being all cute
 Maka'iwi on Maui from the 21st... geesh where you going girl?
 big mama
 and finally Rocky on Kauai with PK4 who is growing by the minute
 and rocky is scaling down pretty quickly

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