Friday, July 4, 2014

7-2-2014 West Side Seals Haupu - Benny & Pohaku

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barbara said...

Debbie, God bless you for all your work with Benny and Pohaku yesterday!!

Staying with them till 8:30pm is crazy, BRAVE, AMAZING, APPRECIATED!!!


TOO BAD THE DAM DOG ATTACKED BENNY...that should not have happened. DOGS ARE A MAJOR PROBLEM for monk seals. Owners just let the dogs LOOSE...with a MONK SEAL ON SHORE????? NOT A GOOD THING.

TO the people who played with the seals...shame on you. Are you posting those PICS on FACE BOOK..YOUTUBE??? TSK. TSK. SIGNS UP MEANS...STAY AWAY FROM THE SEALS...RESPECT THEM FROM A FAR. Dont any one care???

Wish we could get help for ya DEB...same ole, same ole..SORRY GIRL.