Friday, July 25, 2014

7-24-2014 Kauai's Maternity Beach Update!

Hi there... you're little one is growing up so fast... where does the time go?
 come on little peanut
 i'm not a peanut... i'm a jumping bean!
 Rocky and PK4
 look ma... i'm going to build the spz ... 


jenhart said...

Beautiful, beautiful!! Thanks to the photographer and the blogger for giving their time to share these with all the rest of us.

P.S. Having weaned her pup, Mom RK30 has been resting on eastside beaches the last couple of days.

barbara said...

Hey, Miss Jenheart, is Kerby of Oahu still with her..he is RW08, bleach number, N8.

And as I told Miss Mary from Kauai, I love RK30..she is my new HERO seal with all her numerous scars. She gives me alot of inspiration, the will to just move on, NO MATTER WHAT!! And her pup is huge, beautiful...she was a terrific MOM. It was a total honor to have met her...I hope to meet her again.

jenhart said...

Aloha, Barbara - RK30 was alone the times I saw her - some "me time" finally, perhaps, and well deserved...what a strong one!

barbara said...

Thanks Jenhart!!! Appreciate it.

Yes all girls should have a night off, the boys sure love em all.