Sunday, July 13, 2014

7-12-2014 Yesterday's News Hidden Beach Party

RW02 made a visit to hidden beach yesterday.... Kimo Smith discovered a group of campers setting up with unleashed dogs.... unfortunately the dogs ran RW02 off.... 
 a beach teepee
 have to believe this is very stressful 
 poor RW02 get out of there

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barbara said...

Man this stinks...seeing a village being constructed, aint that ILLEGAL?

Shouldnt this be reported to DNLR or whoever takes care of stuff like this?

Oh my gosh, a dog out at Kaena Pt???

Where is the the protection for our Critically endangered Monk Seals????

Please, DNLR get out there, do something before our poor Luana gets hurt as well.

THIS IS AWFUL...I am so angry...I hope they get these hippies NOW!!!

It sickens me to see the poor seal running on land like that, dam it.

Whats with the TEEPEE?????

Totally not a good situation at all. Illegal structures, dogs loose, dog chasing seal, all wrong here. BOOK EM DANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!