Saturday, January 4, 2014

Jan 4, 2014 Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

Marilyn, Kimo Lyman and I did the KPt monitoring today.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day, fantastic temperature. The albatrosses were flying over our heads before we ever made it close to the point. They have been a sight to observe.

There were less hikers while we were at the point today but many were hiking in as we were heading out. As usual we did several Q&A and outreach sessions.

At the point RO40 "Ka'ena" and RW02 were sharing the main pool - we didn't see any interaction but were told that earlier they had been playing and splashing all around.

On our hike back we found RL42 sleeping peacefully near a big rock between the Big Cove and Hidden Beach. Ken Tingman had seen her yesterday afternoon in the main pool at the point.

Kimo L. found RN58 "Luana" on our one last look at Birth Beach before leaving. She was in a deep sleep cuddled among big rocks.
After I got home I received a call from  Edward Hole reporting of a seal in Waialua,  we IDed her by her tags as RI37 "Bessie".  
Aloha, Lesley  


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