Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jan 1 2014 DB's Dailies: Kainoa,RK36&U/F@RI, Benny,Kermit,M&M@WP, Buster&Makaiwi@NIM, Rocky@DH, Kea&U/U@AD

At 0721 I found an U/F attempting to haul out at 1BS on Rabbit Island. I saw fishing line the left side of the body, and she gave up on trying to haul out. She attempted another haul out at 1021-1025, but again was not able to do so. Once again I saw fishing line, but not a hook, impeding her attempt to haul out . A 3rd attempt came at mid Middle Cliff at 1045-1050, and once again her thrashing attempt to move up was stopped. She definitely has some fishing line causing her distress. I did not see her after that. I called Tracy, and a NOAA team of Tracy, Michelle, Angie, Chad&Mark responded but the animal did not show up . They called it a day at 1639. I could never get a confirmed ID on this animal, though Kaiwi would have to be at the top of my list. Maybe tomorrow ???????? awww this is extremely upsetting.... if she was having a hard time hauling out... sending seal prayers to whoever is entangled and that she shows up for some assistance tomorrow.
At 1000 I found Kainoa (RN40)& to my complete surprise, RK36 (thank you Tracy) at 1BS on Rabbit Island. They would enter the water at 1100. RK36 would haul out again to the left end of the beach at 1428. Tracy got the ID during their survey of RI.
Dalin called at 1616 advising of a flurry of calls about 2 animals hauling out at what sounded like AD, with limited info . Marilyn took the Pele’s Chair end and I started from the AD wall. At 1715 I found witnesses, one of which was a caller, who saw 2 animals hauling out at the birth pond at AD, but returning to the water at 1200 , and again at around 1530. One of the callers had reported an "N43" bleach on the back of one of them. That is a common error in reporting Kea (N46). They both reentered the water, and on my check I found nobody but witnesses.
At 0700 Team Billand reported Benny (RE74) & Kermit (R012) at #1708, White Plains.
At 0805 they found Makaiwi (R4DF) at #1806, Nimitz Cottages.
At 0845 they reported Buster (RV08) hauling out to join Makaiwi.
At 1414 the Billands reported M&M arriving at #1708, WP.

Dalin called at 1458 with the report of an animal at Diamond Head. Colleen would confirm the Rocky (RH58) ID, and advised the she departed at 1840.

Good Morning 2014
 Benny and Kermit at White Plains 
 Benny Kermit and MM
 Buster and Maka'iwi @ Nimitz
 Boy she's giving him the what for!
 Shall we dance?
 Buster isn't going to give up on her
 and the spectators watch
 okay picture of the day.... and at the moment... picture of the year! (2014)
 Buster wondering where did I go wrong?
 Maka'iwi - Can't a girl get any rest?

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madhatter said...

Happy New Year,
Sorry to hear about the Monk Seal with the fishing line wrapped around it. Sure hope it can make it out or show up to get help.

Love the picture of Buster and Maka'iwi!