Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jan 14, 2014 DB's Dailies: Aukai&Mojo@RI, Kermit,Makaiwi,Buster&RIP@WP, Pohaku@Secrets, R912@Maili, R5ay&Pup,Kaikaina@TB

At 0733 I found what would prove to be Aukai (RL12), high on the beach , behind Seal Rock Inlet on Rabbit Island. DOFAW personnel were working at RI again today, and posse member Ilana confirmed the Aukai ID for me by her N12 bleach. At 0740 Aukai moved out of my line of sight, into SRI. I did not see her again.
At 1025 on a pan I found Mojo (RI17) just hauling out to the water front rocks of Rocky Right Beach , on RI.
At 0722 Team Billand reported Kermit (R012) fronting the Snack Shack, Makaiwi (R4DF) at #1708, and Buster (RV08) fronting #1760, White Plains. Buster would move to join Makaiwi at 1015.
Ast 1222 the Billands found Pohaku (RO28) at Secrets. They reported that she has a new wound, mid body, left side. Dana advised that Pohaku departed at 1521.
At 1332 Team Billand found what would prove to be R912 at Nanakai Beach, Maili. The Billands reported her gone at 1600.
At 1547 the Billands reported that RIP (RR70) was now with Kermit at the Snack Shack, and that Buster & Makaiwi were gone.
Marilyn reported in at 1445 with visitors in tow, having gone up to show them R5AY & Pup on D#4. She advised that once again Kaikaina (RL54) was there. Karen Rohter also sent shots from her shift.

Team Billand called at 1715 to report the arrival of M&M (R020) to #1708, WP.

Kaikaina (not the little sister any more)  
 Kaikaina, Mom 5AY and PO1
 PO1 and Honey Girl !!
 Buster and Maka'iwi
 Kermit and Rip
 Pohaku at Secrets...
 she has a booboo

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