Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jan 9 2014 DB's Dailies:Mojo,Kolohe&U/F@RI, Kea&Aukai@LL, Kermit&Buster@WP

At 1020, from Makai Pier, I found Mojo (RI17) just hauling out to 1BS on Rabbit Island. Today’s excellent viewing conditions allowed me to see Mojo’s N22 bleach. I’d totally forgotten that he had been bleached on 11-6-13. Though I’ve been making his ID by his natural bleach on his head these last few days of his RI visit, the bleach had not been visible with the crappy conditions of late.
On a pan at 1041 I found Kolohe (RW22), newly arrived to the left end rock flats on RI.
At 1139 an U/F , juvenile sized, with no visible markers, and 2 red tags, hauled out to the far left end of the island. I believe this to be the same animal as 1-7-13, and not Kaiwi. I’m hopeful that it’s Nani, but ???????????
The highlight of the day came at 1432 when I found Kea (RN46) and Aukai (RL12), (of 3 prong in the head fame) together at the Lanai Lookout cove. Since her birth on 6-12-12 we have only been "up close & personal" twice. Once 8-21-13 at Pele’s Chair, and today, with a couple of Spitting Cave encounters. Most of our relationship as been at 8/10ths of mile, on RI.  AWWWWWW  Aukai, came to visit papa!
At 0700 Team Billand reported Kermit (R012) at #1708B, White Plains.

At 0721 they found Buster (RV08) at the construction area at #1760, White Plains

 unidentified female  (maybe Nani) 
 little sweetie
 Kea and Aukai
 tail to tail..... flipper to flapper .... tag to tag
 Buster Boy
 Kermit on the so handsome list
 all is adoring fans at white plains
 you're a handsome dude and you know it


madhatter said...

Irma,please come back!

Victoria Sgro Konopka said...

I agree Irma needs to show face