Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jan 15, 2014 Honey Girl 5AY and Her Daughters

PHOTOS Courtesy of Diane Gabriel and Vera Cober
Thank you !

La'akea Born 2011 
 La'akea and RI37 born 2005 on Kauai (I had to go into the archives for that one)
 RI37 Honey Girls' eldest offspring of record
Little Bugger tries a new approach to nursing
 might be a little more work this way
 great shot Vera... looks like the kid is trying to stand up
 flipper flap... or is this a seal temper tantrum 
 sooo sweet
 look ma.... 
 mom... mommy... mama where did you go?
 and back to a shot of PO1 older sisters snoozing down the road.

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