Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jan 12, 2014 Lesley's Pup Update

I couldn't resist and went out this morning to check on the girls and PO1
When I arrived R5AY and PO1 were up near the iron trees - surf/tide must have been high over night.    RL54 "Kaikaina" (b.2012) was sleeping in the middle of the beach exactly where R5AY gave birth.
Pup did a good nursing session, went thru the 4 tits, had a catnap and started moving around. R5AY woke up and started to move down to the water. PO1 followed, vocalizing when it was left a little to far behind, this caught RL54 attention. She had also moved down to the waterline. Silly her decided to move in mom & pups direction to check them out. One body move and bark from mom made her turn a move to the water and enter at the speed of light. Went swam out a little but decided to turn back towards the beach in mom direction, one guttural noise from R5AY and she turned and left for good.
Pup played on the waterline and did 360s around mom
I had to leave at 11ish but stretched out till 12:30.  Kimo & I are going to treat ourselves to the Beach Boys concert.... Emoji    Aloha, Lesley  

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