Monday, January 27, 2014

1-27-2014 Honey Girl and PO1 & Big Sister La'akea Report

To simplify things I am including Diane and Lesley's comment and photos under one post.... Just keeps all the cuteness in one place!  (not to say our other cast of characters aren't cute...but you can't compete with a black velvet shar pei looking seal pup).

from Diane aka Diga
I was on the 8-11am shift at Turtle Bay with R5AY & P01. On my way out to the pup site I found La'akea snoozing high up above Right Spots Spot. I was able to ID her by size and partial tag Kxx. 

As I continued the hike out to the pup site, I was shocked to see R5AY and P01 about 30-40 feet past the Kahuku Point side of the original SPZ. They were high up on the path out to Kahuku Point right in the center where 5 paths intersect. I quickly set to work stringing ropes and signs across each path so hikers wouldn't happen upon them. Looks like there must have been very high tide last night.

I guess La'akea didn't like her faux forest.
 Wow Momma knows how to take care of her baby
 This kids is very comfy as long as momma is close by....

Part 2 from Lesley:
(cont of Diane's report ) 

It's GIRL !
We nicknamed  her "Meli": honey in Hawaiian.
The nickname was chosen by a group from a list of suggestions, we avoided ones starting with "K & L" or to long and similar to existing names, short and Hawaiian. 
  Don Porter & I joined Diane and we started re-fencing the site.
PO1 "Meli" moved from where she was with mom down to the reef, vocalizing all the way. She found a little tub, tossed and turned in it till R5AY came to meet her. There was a short unsuccessful attempt to  nurse, so R5AY gallumped further back up, pup followed, mom presented and there was a complete nursing session.

While the three of us were putting the fences up several hikers came by. We had a hard time convincing people not to get to close to the seals. Even after having been talked to they still tried to get a little closer. We then went to work on the seals side. We had to ask visitors to please move off the beach cause the pup was moving around and R5AY was stressing and vocalizing. We stopped for a while to let them settle back down, even though we were behind Naupakas, trees and out of sight. 

Diane had told me RK82 "La'akea" was on the main beach, so when I arrived before heading to the pup site  I checked on her. There was a "stick" SPZ and she was outside of it. A photo shoot was about to start behind her, in the woods (Blue trail) so I asked the maintenance guys to call security on the radio and ask them for signs. In the afternoon, re-check many signs were on the beach. Thank You to the hotel staff for once again stepping in to help us.
Big MAHALOs to Diane and Don, as usual it was great to work with you, we formed a great fencing team.  

now that's a hug! 
 big sister La'akea 
 oh when is the sun going to come out again?

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